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Hawken: Genesis Covers

Three of the eventual four covers for the free to download digital previews to the Hawken: Genesis, the accompanying graphic novel (due in March 2013) to free to play multiplayer mecha shooter Hawken.

Learn more at

or download the previews from comiXology

or purchase the full graphic novel at archaia / Amazon

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HAWKEN IN A GIF: “Trying to fight back as a Tech” submitted by pilot TheVulong.  


Watch it in action!

Find out what the Technician mech can actually do! Watch the Mech Mechanics Technician video.   


If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, climb inside them and ride them into battle! 

The E3 sunset happened before we knew it. 


After the show ended we grouped up to have dinner.



Jason Hughes and Ian Hutchings from Adhesive Games sandwich Kjell from the Cockpit podcast.


We get a birthday celebration after dinner because it’s Jacob’s birthday.


HAWKEN Sr. Community Manager, Jody Robinson. takes a farewell shot of the brand ambassadors until we see them next time. 

Keep an eye out on Facebook this weekend for more photos from the dinner.  We hope to see you at the next game event!

Hello fellow pilots!

Today we noticed even more people visiting the NVIDIA and Alienware booths to check out HAWKEN. Some players returned because they enjoyed playing HAWKEN so much yesterday, while others brought their friends to play. 


Here’s what some of the players had to say at the NVIDIA booth.

"It’s surprising how aesthetically pleasing the game is - is it really free?"
"I can’t believe I’m playing an unreleased map!"

"I love the destructible terrain and beautiful explosions"

 ”Amazing visual aspects.”
 ”Not only can I blow up other mechs, I can blow up the entire map!

HAWKEN brand ambassadors watch Steve Sok do a juggling act.


HAWKEN brand ambassadors Brandon and Kayla see a familiar face from yesterday! This little gamer is back for more HAWKEN with her parents. 


Adhesive Games’ Ian Hutchings was caught wandering down the E3 halls with his new companions, the Despicables.


Find even more E3 2013 photos on Facebook.

Lastly, we stumbled upon a couple of HAWKEN related photos on our partners’ photo galleries.


Alienware Pre-E3 Event

Look out for more HAWKEN team coverage soon!

HAWKEN staff and brand ambassadors gazed at the E3 2013 sunrise today! The day started with HAWKEN’s associate producer asking pilots which shirt to wear. 

HWKHager received a variety of suggestions but we think our Marketing Manager had the best solution.

HAWKEN brand ambassadors Jacob Pearson,  Steven Sok, and Kayla Mansell try to adjust to the non-dystopia world as they head to the Los Angeles Convention Center.  image

HAWKEN brand ambassadors tromp the streets of Los Angeles before E3 opens the showfloor. .image

HAWKEN brand ambassadors Jacob Pearson, Steven Sok, and Brandon Frazier excited to show off HAWKEN before the showfloor opens!  image

Khang Le spoke at the NVIDIA panel. image

Check out the HAWKEN action in the beautifully lit Alienware booth.image

Meteor Entertainment’s Danielle Davis with the HAWKEN brand ambassadors at the NVIDIA booth. 

Keep an eye out for more updates and an E3 2013 photo gallery!

You can expect many sites livestreaming during this time but that’s not the only place you can find HAWKEN coverage!

Our Partners
We have teamed up with NVIDIA and Alienware to showcase HAWKEN at E3 2013. If you’re attending E3 come by NVIDIA or Alienware’s booth to see HAWKEN or meet the team in the South Hall.

- NVIDIA booth# 2323 (destruction enabled map)
- Alienware booth# 435 (pictured below)


HAWKEN staff and ambassadors will be attending. Follow us on these channels to stay up to date on the latest happenings:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram 

Or, stick right here on Tumblr because we’ll bring you daily recaps!


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If you plan every move in HAWKEN, check out Ashfire908’s HAWKEN mini maps collection. If you want more info about the maps, visit the HAWKEN Wiki.