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Taking about Hawken now which we covered the release of. The game is going to be free to play, FPS mech shooter. The creators have an extensive history to the story and Archaia is going to be the mouth piece for those stories that won’t be in the game due to the format. They’re showing us a trailer now. Fucking looks very beautiful for a free game. The designs stand out the most as the city is very detailed and cool looking. Looks like I’m going to get a new computer to play this shit. Pretty impressive for a game made by six people. The story behind it is that way in the future this is the first planet to be owned by a corporation and they fight for business and survival. Jeremy Barlow is writing it (We’ve talked to him before!) They’re announcing a ton of artists that are working on it. I think this might be along the lines of the Immortals book they did last year. Yeah each artist is covering a chapter, that’s pretty cool since it’s one writer for the entire experience.
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