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Hawken™ is a free to play multiplayer mech combat game.

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Damon “FooBear408” Heinz interviewed Hawkette, Melissa Dingmon at E3.

Hawken’s cinematic trailer. Now with more “moody”!

Pixel Enemy's review of Hawken after the PAX East fan demo. created a video of their impressions of Hawken. I could listen to a Scottish accent. All. Day. Long.

Extended gameplay trailer. Enjoy!

HAWKEN Pilots:

Make a YouTube video describing a memorable, notorious or unique experience you had as a gamer.

Videos should be under 3 minutes in length. Tag and tweet your submission with #HAWKENConfidential.

We’ll be selecting the most interesting storyteller to fly out to Boston, MA for PAX East 2012!


Hawken Story Teaser